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Six Mustache Styles for Women

There are several different styles of mustaches to choose from. Especially for the ladies! Check out these six different mustache styles and pick one for this No Shave November! It is not too late! Get your” stache” on and snap a selfie! Don’t forget to share them with us on our No Shave November gallery […]

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Six Odd Facial Hair Facts

As you consider No-Shave November to help a great cause, we’d like to interrupt this great fun event with some fun, yet odd facial hair facts. Bet you didn’t know these facts! Peter the Great taxed beards to encourage clean hair-free faces. That’s over-taxation! Pogonotomy is the fancy word for shaving. Pogonotrophy is the word […]

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Fry Men 2 Weeks In

Two weeks down and the beards are coming in nicely! We are very proud of our doctors for sticking it out through the itchiness. They are supporting such an awesome cause! Help support our doctors by sharing our blog posts! Every time you share our posts, Fry Orthodontics will donate a $1 to the No […]

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Bearded Crafts with Fry Orthodontics

Not only has Fry Orthodontics been beard crazy this November, but we have also been getting our hands dirty in some arts and crafts. Recently our new team values were presented with a challenge of getting crafty and expressing our values with paint on a canvas. While getting our creative juices flowing, it has brought this […]

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Fry Orthodontics First Week’s Donation

After the first week of our No Shave November event, Fry Orthodontics has donated a total of $370 to the No Shave November Foundation. We would like to give a shout out to all of  those who participated by sharing, commenting, and posting on our Blog and Facebook last week! We loved seeing all your awesome pictures! […]

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