#FryInstaHunt | Fry Instagram Contest Details

Posted on May 29, 2019

#FryInstaHunt Contest Details

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view all photo challenges that have been released for our Fry Instagram Contest.


  • Contest Runs: June 2 – August 7 @ midnight (10 weeks)
  • Each week we will release new 5 photo challenges (via our Fry Instagram) for you to complete.
  • Each challenge is worth a certain number of points. The more photos you complete the more points you earn.
  • All photos must be posted by August 7th @ midnight.


  • Watch for photo challenges to be released on our Fry Instagram, @fryortho.
  • Complete as many photo challenges as you can and post them to Instagram.
  • Mention @fryortho and use #FryInstaHunt in your post to earn points.


  • You (or your child/children) must be in each of the photos.
  • Photos can be completed anytime during the summer, as long as they are posted by August 7th @ midnight.
  • To view all photo challenges that have been released, visit: www.fryorthodontics.com/fryinstahunt-instagram-contest-details/.



If you have any questions regarding the contest please email carrie.vaughn@fryorthodontics.com.

To learn more about Fry Orthodontics, please visit www.fryorthodontics.com.


Photo Challenges

Week #1 – THINGS

  1. A Horse- 4 points
  2. Holding a Live Fish- 5 points
  3. A Pool Floaty- 2 points (2 pt bonus if you are in the water with the floaty)
  4. Blue Cotton Candy- 4 points
  5. A Wooden Bridge- 3 points

Week #2- ACTIONS

  1. Eating Watermelon- 4 points
  2. Playing Mini Golf- 2 points
  3. Washing a Car- 4 points
  4. Drawing with Sidewalk Chalk- 3 points (5 pt. bonus if you draw the FRY logo)
  5. Riding a Boat- 3 points (4 pt. bonus if you post a video of you being pulled by the boat tubing, skiing, knee boarding, etc.)

Week #3- PEOPLE

  1. Your FRY Orthodontist- 10 points
  2. A bride and groom- 7 points
  3. Pizza delivery person- 4 points
  4. A UPS driver- 5 points
  5. A redhead- 3 points
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