What are Orthodontic Appliances?

Posted On: May 4, 2017

What are Orthodontic Appliances?

Orthodontic appliances are tools that are used to help straighten teeth, prepare the teeth and mouth for braces, and support the braces process.

Here are some common orthodontic appliances:

Elastics: Elastics are a staple of orthodontic treatment. Elastics (rubber bands) address the fit of your bite while the braces address the straightening of your teeth. And they come in colors!

Wires:  High tech wires are a common part of the braces process.  Wires vary in strength and are used to move teeth and make room in the mouth. It’s a process: the first wire is a very light weight and begins to shift the direction of the teeth. The wire strength progresses over time based on the treatment plan until your teeth and bite are in healthy alignment.

Retainers: After your braces are removed, Fry Orthodontics will fit you with a custom-made retainer. Over time, your teeth will naturally shift and retainers help maintain the new alignment of your post-braces teeth. Fry Orthodontics recommends patients wear their retainers for the long term.

Mouth Guard – Mouth guards are used to protect your mouth from injury when participating in physical activities like sports. The use of a mouth guard is especially important for orthodontic patients to prevent injuries to the teeth, jaw, and tongue.

Headgear – Worried if you’re going to need headgear? No need. At Fry Orthodontics, our advanced technological treatment process allows you to be headgear free!

A beautiful smile is always a good investment. Do you have questions about the braces process? Fry offers a free exam to patients of all ages, get started today!