Wearing braces twice (first phase & second phase)

Posted On: May 30, 2017

Some children may be told they need two phases of braces. The first phase occurs when they are younger, and only need braces for just a short time. The second phase starts when they are older and all permanent teeth have erupted. Most children would only like to wear braces once, and their parents probably would only like to pay for them once! If an orthodontist recommends a first phase of treatment, it’s for a good cause. Weighing out the options is important. It could be crucial for child’s future oral health, or self-esteem. This will be a decision that the orthodontist, parent, and child will all have to make together.
If an option discussed is to get an appliance to correct a cross bite, or to align very crooked front teeth, then these reasons are important and you might consider a first phase. To have a child in braces twice for a simple fix; a small space or slight rotations in the front teeth, is just not necessary (and is costly). These can all be fixed with the set of braces that they will get later as a teenager. –Lisa B