Visit to Ortho Office in Manhattan Beach: Dr. Patricia Panucci, Beach Braces

Posted On: July 26, 2013

Thank you to Dr. Panucci for letting me interrupt her day to learn about how great service and great orthodontic care in done in Manhattan Beach, California. Dr. P is one of the top 5 people that allowed me to became an orthodontist!  She was the interviewer when I visited the University of Southern California Department of Orthodontics back in 2002. She and her fellow ortho residents allowed me to become part of the USC family, and I am eternally grateful!

Dr. Panucci and I have recently become reacquainted, as we are now both in the Schulman Study Group.  She has built the preeminent South Bay orthodontic practice through customer service and exceptional orthodontic care!  All orthodontists should look to her success to design an office environment that succeeds in giving patients the treatment they appreciate!

Very personal patient check-in
Shelley from Overland Park, KS!!!! …she wasn’t very excited about her picture being taken. Sorry Shelley, but you are too awesome to not include in this post!
In Kansas, it is hard to pull off the AWESOME beach theme that Dr. Panucci can in Manhattan Beach!
The orthodontics are so fast in this office, everything shows up blurry on camera!
Flat Dr. P with the real Dr. P…and the beautiful Dr. Lily Fry!
The young Dr. Lily Fry with Flat Dr. P in Marina del Rey, California

Dr. Jeremy