Posted On: November 25, 2014

Some men are remembered for their facial hair. Some rock! Some just wouldn’t be the same if they were clean-shaven. They might look a few years younger, but is it worth it to forgo a cool signature look just to “shave” off a few years? We think not for these fellas!

5. The “80s” Tom Selleck and the “90s” Tom Selleck. He just wears his mustache well.


4. Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) – Never mess with a dwarf’s beard!


3. Si Robertson. Hey Jack, Grow a real beard!


2. Abraham Lincoln – would he have been elected without the beard? We think not!


1. And our number one pick… Chuck Norris. Because real mean don’t shave and in Chuck’s case, a razor sharp enough hasn’t been created yet!


Join Fry Orthodontic Specialists in our efforts to raise men’s health awareness and raise funds for the American Cancer Society! We have partnered with the No-Shave November campaign. Your participation will help start conversations about men’s health issues, raise funds for cancer research, and save lives.

Guys, skip the shaving this month and get creative! Kids & Ladies, you can participate by sharing a virtual beard or mask. Take pics of your pets too! Share your beard and mustache pictures on our No Shave Gallery. We want to see you scraggly for a cause!

PLUS! Every time you post a photo of yourself or family member (pets too!) on our gallery, or share these No-Shave blogs and social media posts, Fry Orthodontic Specialists will donate $1 (up to $20,000!) to the No Shave November Foundation!

We’ve got more info and hair at our blog!

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