Tooth Fairies Around the World

Posted On: September 15, 2016

I came across this post, and I thought I would share:

Tooth Fairies Around the World

Everyone will lose baby teeth as children…and then the tooth fairy comes into the picture.  After looking  into stories about the tooth fairy it turns out that the U.S. is not the only country that tells tales of the tooth fairy.  The tooth fairy can be found all around the world.  Here are just a few stories:

USA Tooth Fairy

A custom in the US is the child puts the baby tooth under his/her pillow before going to bed. The tooth fairy comes during the night and takes the tooth with her. The next morning when the child has woken up they would find money underneath the pillow.

Mexican Tooth Fairy

In Mexico the child goes to bed with the baby tooth under their pillow. A mouse, not a fairy, takes it during the night. She leaves some money.

UK Tooth Fairy

In the United Kingdom the tooth is put under the pillow of the child who lost the tooth. When the child wakes up, the tooth will have turned into a coin.

Italian Tooth Fairy

In Italy, they just keep the baby tooth as a keepsake.

French Tooth Fairy

The French child puts his/her baby tooth under the pillow when he/she goes to bed. The fairy takes it while he/she is asleep, and replaces it with a present instead of money. The present that is left is a toy car or something little like that.

Japanese Tooth Fairy

If it is a lower baby tooth, throw it up onto the roof; and if it is an upper tooth, throw it underneath the en-no-shita which is the lower portion below the floor of a Japanese house. It is done so that the upper tooth grows healthy downwards, while the lower tooth upwards.

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