Tooth Crowding (Yaeba)

Posted On: November 10, 2016

The trend “Tooth Crowding” originated in Japan a few years ago, but has gained a lot of hype recently. Japanese women use this dental procedure to make their teeth crooked to get an imperfect smile. In this dental procedure, the canines are pushed forward, giving a look of fangs or crooked teeth (or snaggle teeth like a vampire). It is referred as “Yaeba” in Japanese, which means ‘double tooth’. In Japan, this kind of imperfect smile is deemed most attractive. This trend is also moving towards the United States and Europe.
Yaeba is a cosmetic dental procedure which is achieved by gluing fabricated custom-made artificial teeth on the natural canine teeth in the planned positions by the use of a non-permanent adhesive. These artificial adhered teeth elongate the canines, making them look more pointy and sharper akin to a vampire. It is a temporary procedure, but some young people also invest to convert their straight teeth permanently into an irregular position.
Dentists do not favor these dental procedures. Teeth possess holes to let oxygen in, so casing of them is not good for the health of the tooth. Surgically reshaping the teeth to give the impression of fangs carries some actual risks. This procedure requires the removal of teeth’s enamel at some extent, leaving the teeth weakened, extra sensitive to cold and hot, and susceptible to breaking. Altering the teeth position by this way weakens tooth structure, and if an individual later changes his mind, then reconverting of teeth to their ordinary shape can be expensive. – Rachel