The Solution to Looking Thinner AND Younger… SMILE.

Posted On: October 6, 2016

shutterstock_92466964Although most of the time a “simple fix” sounds too good to be true, what I’m about to tell you may be one suggestion that actually works. According to studies recently done at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, simply smiling will help one appear younger in other peoples’ eyes.

Participants in this study were shown pictures of a variety of different people, and were asked to judge whether or not they thought they were “old” or “young”. Surprisingly enough, people who were smiling in their photos were tagged with the word “young” while people with neutral looks on their faces were thought to be much older than what they actually were.

A similar study done in April 2015 at UMKC, by psychology student, Trent D. Weston, asked participants to judge the weight of a person based on 960 random faces that flashed across their computer screen. Again, some faces were smiling while others looked neutral or sad.  Can you guess what the results showed? You guessed it! Sad faces tended to be judged as a heavier person.  This seems like a pretty simple fix to me. If everyone would just SMILE we would look a lot thinner and more attractive to outsiders. This also holds true by how others are looking at us. According to the journal of Neuroscience Letters, people are seen to be more attractive when other people looking at them are smiling as well.

We’ve all heard that by “lifting” our smile, we are also “lifting” our mood. Shake off whatever is bothering you today and put a smile on your face. Apparently it won’t only make you more attractive, but it’ll make you look slimmer as well. Finally! We’ve found the magic pill.

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