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Fry Ortho Welcomes “Prime” Visitors to KC

Posted On: December 3, 2012

This past weekend, Fry Orthodontic Specialists welcomed orthodontic practices from US and Canada to Kansas City.  I am a member of a study club called Prime Orthodontic Practices or “POP.” These orthodontist truly inspire me, and we were able to share our offices to all improve how we deliver care to our patients. Thanks to Kevin Davis of the Toronto, Canada area; Gib Snow of the Antelope Valley, CA; Steve Kristo of Eau Claire, WI; and Scott Law of Killeen and Austin, TX.

This group, like the Schulman Study Club, inspires me to be better father, husband, orthodontist, office leader, and community advocate. Thanks to you guys for traveling to Kansas City and making Fry Orthodontic Specialists a better place!

Dr. Jeremy