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Dental Trends: Yaeba

One of our Fry Orthodontic Specialists patient managers, Lindi, wrote a great blog article for a new website on Dental Trends. She wrote it on Yaeba, which is a Japanese trend for young women sharpening their canines to “enhance” beauty. It is a really interesting article: Yaeba.   Dr. Jeremy

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Dr. Bob Fry Writes an Article for the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics

I want to congratulate my dad on writing a great article in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics (JCO) about “Self-Ligating” (SL) braces. The JCO is one of the most widely read orthodontic journals in the world. The JCO highlights newer orthodontic clinical techniques with contributions from orthodontists all over the world. His selection to have […]

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Importance Of Smiling

For our last Fry Orthodontics staff retreat last summer, I stumbled upon a great video by Ron Gutman about the Hidden Powers of Smiling. This video presents some great research about how important a smile can be in our lives. Last week, I received an email great friend, Greg Nalchajian, an orthodontist from Fresno, California. […]

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