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Do Braces Hurt?

When braces are placed on your teeth and during the subsequent several hours after they are placed, you should have no braces pain.  Usually the next morning, but sometimes that initial night, your teeth will be a little sore.  This is normal, but should not last forever!  The pain is much like a bruise: When you have […]

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Wearing braces twice (first phase & second phase)

Some children may be told they need two phases of braces. The first phase occurs when they are younger, and only need braces for just a short time. The second phase starts when they are older and all permanent teeth have erupted. Most children would only like to wear braces once, and their parents probably […]

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Soft or hard toothbrushes…which is better?

Soft toothbrush or hard? Most dentists recommend a toothbrush with soft bristles rather than medium or hard. With a soft toothbrush you can brush in circular motions on each side of the teeth. Chewing surface or top, close to cheek and close to the tongue, try to brush 30 seconds on each part of your […]

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Be careful in the summer heat!! Your trays will melt and become distorted in a hot car! Keep them out of direct sunlight or near the stove when you’re cooking. You can wear them to the pool or the beach, but when you take them out to eat, put them in your case and also […]


My Dog Ate My Retainer

Ever find yourself having to explain to your orthodontist that you need a new retainer because your dog ate it? Surprisingly it happens more often than not. Dogs are attracted to the saliva and the smell of the retainers. They have strong mouth muscles so when they find the retainers, they are usually destroyed by the time […]

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