Is an Overbite Bad?

Posted On: August 29, 2016


Good question! Overbites are very common, and sometimes a misaligned bite can impact your dental health. Let’s consider the causes, possible concerns, and treatment options:

Causes of Overbite

An overbite is a malocclusion (faulty contact between teeth) in which the upper part of the jaw is misaligned over the lower jaw, causing the upper teeth to overlap the lower. Overbites develop for a variety of reasons including:

• Family History
• Jaws grow unevenly during development
• Habits such as thumb-sucking, prolonged bottle-feeding, tongue-thrusting, and nail-biting

Problems Overbites Can Cause

Misalignment of the jaw may result in pressure and stress on gum tissue and damage to the bone that supports the teeth.

An overbite may contribute to concerns including:

• Difficulty chewing/eating
• Speech impediments
• Tight, strained muscles, and frequent headaches
• Damage to tooth enamel
• Higher chances of cavities and gum disease

Overbite Treatment Options

The most common corrective treatment for overbites is braces. Braces realign the teeth and jawline through gentle force over time. Another option is Invisalign, a treatment of clear, custom-made aligners that slowly move your teeth over time.

Worried About Your Overbite?

There are many benefits to having straight teeth and proper bite alignment. In addition to the oral health component, there is a strong aesthetic component to getting straight teeth. Scientific research has also shown that a beautiful smile improves your self-esteem, enhances the quality of your relationships, and improves your success at school and work.

At Fry, we offer a free consultation in which we carefully evaluate your teeth. We’ll help you consider the options that best meet your needs: from metal braces to ceramic braces, to Invisalign.