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Invisalign with Coffee or Tea

Posted On: February 2, 2017


This is a common question we get asked in our office.  Patients want to know if they can drink coffee or tea while wearing their Invisalign trays. There is some fear that the trays could warp with warm liquids, which might cause trays to not to fit properly.  If a patient is drinking liquids hot enough to warp Invisalign trays, they would be extremely burned inside their mouth!

Though, trays should not warp with coffee or tea, staining can occur on the trays or teeth.  Aside from the staining that could occur, teeth could be at more risk for decay or tooth damage.  This damage can happen if the liquid contains sugar.  Sugar can get under the tray and come into contact with the teeth when teeth are not thoroughly cleaned in a timely manner.  These problems all depend on the individual and what they are drinking.  We leave it up to the patient’s discretion, but always make them aware of the risks.  It is safe to say ‘when in doubt…take it out’. – Lindi