I lost my Invisalign tray, HELP!

Posted On: November 29, 2016

Stephanie was on vacation and lost her Invisalign trays. Since she was only gone for 5 days and was not going to be changing her trays while she was gone she did not pack any with her. While out to eat, she accidentally threw away her aligners. This was a huge problem! She didn’t have any way to get her aligners and was going to have to wait until she got home. She went 3 days without wearing anything. Since her teeth were used to having the aligners holding them in place, they shifted quite a bit. When she got home she was unsure what to do. Her first step was to go back to the last set of trays she wore before the ones she lost. They really didn’t fit very well, but she went ahead and tried to wear them. Next, she called our office to see what she should do. She came in and we went through all her recent aligners and found the one that fit the best. At that point we continued back with the trays and had her wear each one for 2 weeks and ordered a replacement set for the ones she threw away. She was so excited that it didn’t put her too far behind her treatment. She said “From now on, I will always carry my aligner case with me so I don’t throw them away again!” Becca