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Fry Orthodontic Specialists Teams with Heart to Heart International

Posted On: March 29, 2012

As part of the Fry Orthodontics Core Ideology, we strive to Improve the Lives of Our Community. We are very active in various charities, local, national, and international. At the end of last year, our team set-out to find a local charity that we could promote within the offices. We wanted a group that shared our passions and would fit with our culture. We interviewed several great organizations, but we kept coming back to one.

Our team voted overwhelmingly to join with Heart to Heart International, and I couldn’t be more excited. Heart to Heart has been an innovative force for international giving for many years. Their focus and passion has not left the international needs, but they are adding more concentration on local work for the people of Kansas City. These newer local initiatives are what really set Heart to Heart apart from the others that we considered.

For me personally, this partnership is one that takes me back to my childhood. I remember going to church with the Morsch family, and how Gary had such passion for the community. As a youth, it was rare and inspiring to see a physician leave a thriving medical practice to dedicate his life to community service. Dr. Morsch continues to inspire, and is truly a one-of-a-kind asset to the Olathe and overall Kansas City Metro area!

The mark of a great leader is the ability create an environment for others to succeed within an organization…and correctly choose the right people. Dr. Morsch has done that and can be best illustrated by the selection of Andre Butler as CEO. I have been fortunate to get to know Andre over the past couple of months, and like Dr. Morsch, Andre exudes a passion to help the less fortunate that inspires.

We will be using all of our abilities to help Heart to Heart in their local initiatives, and we hope to be able to take a team to an international location to give where it is most needed. Keep an eye on our Fry Orthodontic Specialists Facebook page: www.facebook/fryortho

Please check out Heart to Heart International on their website:

Dr. Jeremy