Drinking water throughout the day for your dental health

Posted On: July 11, 2017

As a daily routine many of us stop and get a big fountain drink to sip on to get us through the day. Each time you take a sip of that soda you are bathing your teeth in sugar and acid from the drink.  This repetitive dowsing of soda causes the enamel of the teeth to soften and acid wearing on the teeth occur. The best thing you can do for your teeth is to drink water instead. Not only will drinking water keep you better hydrated but it will help your oral health. The first way it helps is that it washes away leftover food particles and bacteria from the teeth. Bacteria in your mouth thrive from the sugars in sodas and other sugary drinks.  Second, by drinking water instead of soda you are not going to get acid erosion of your teeth. Finally, water also acts as a neutralizer of acid.  So if you choose to drink a soda, get an amount that you can drink in one sitting.  Be sure to rinse with water afterwards to wash away the acids and sugar from the soda…then grab a big bottle of water to sip on the rest of the day.  Now doesn’t that sound more refreshing? -Erika