Do Braces Hurt? Tips on How to Alleviate Mild Braces Discomfort

Posted On: January 18, 2021

One of the main questions we get at Fry Orthodontics is, “Do Braces Hurt?” We are here to ease your fear and let you know that braces are nothing to be scared of! You may feel some mild discomfort and soreness while your mouth is adjusting the first few days, but nothing extreme.

Two Types of Discomfort Caused by Braces

Tooth Soreness

Having minor tooth soreness is typical the first few days after getting braces put on. Many patients describe this as a “tight” feeling. Here are a few ways to alleviate discomfort while your teeth adjust to your new braces:

  1. Eat soft foods. This discomfort is like a bruise. If you eat hard foods, you are not giving the area time to heal before using it again. When you eat soft food, you are not putting as much pressure on the area, which will allow the area to heal quicker. 
  2. Take Tylenol. Tylenol is an over the counter pain reliever. This can help dull the pain that is occurring due to the braces. 
  3. Drink/eat something cold. The first couple sets of wires that are used are activated at body temperature. If you drink or eat something cold, then you will have less tightness due to the wires not actively pushing on your teeth. 

Tongue/Cheek Irritation

The second type of discomfort you may feel after getting braces put on are some sores from wire or bracket irritation. This is a normal occurrence the first week after getting braces put on. When this happens:

  1. Try using wax. Wax is given to you at your first appointment at Fry Orthodontics and we provide this to you as often as you need it. When there is a wire or bracket rubbing on your cheek or tongue, roll a piece of wax between your fingers and place it the sore area. This will allow the area to heal so a sore does not form.
  2. Use canker-x. This is a gel that is provided to you at your first appointment. To use this, place a small amount on a cotton swab and rub it on the area that is causing you discomfort. Canker-x has some numbing tendencies, so it will help alleviate the sore. 
  3. Let it run its course. After a few days of allowing your braces to work, eventually your cheeks and lips will toughen up to the braces. Once this happens, the feeling of rubbing or sores forming will decrease significantly.

Keep in mind that this soreness will not last forever. Getting braces put on is an exciting time and pain is nothing to fear! Follow the tips we listed above on how to alleviate some of this mild discomfort and after a few weeks you won’t even notice you have them on.

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