Can I use my Flex Account at work to pay for braces?

Posted On: July 6, 2017

Many employers provide a tax-free option called a flex account or a health savings account. Although the details of each plan vary slightly, this can be a great way to pay for orthodontic treatment with pre-tax dollars. Make sure to be aware of the deadline for signing up for this option. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist before this date in order to get the fee for treatment so you’ll know how much money you want set aside from your paycheck for the year. Also read through your documentation to find out if the plan allows for a pay in full option or just the monthly payment plan. Your orthodontist should be able to provide you with a receipt to turn in to the flex account after each payment if necessary, which will state the name of the provider, the date and amount paid, as well as the services rendered. This pre-tax option is a great opportunity if you would like to have any orthodontic work in your future. – Bethanie