Building Self-Confidence at Fry Orthodontics

Posted On: January 29, 2020

Building self-confidence at Fry Orthodontics is what we enjoy the most about coming to work everyday! We are specialists in straightening teeth and correcting jaw alignment, but love the confidence the end result brings to each and every one of our patients.

As a very wiseman once said, “the eyes are the window to the soul, but a smile is the mirror of the heart.”

Research Supports a Confident Smile

Today, there is an undeniable emphasis being put on the importance and benefits of having a confident smile. According to a recent online article by, new research done by the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), has found that there are actually nine main social and psychological benefits that come along with being able to show and share your smile confidently.

  1. Smiling can make you look younger
  2. Smiling can make you look thinner
  3. Smiling elevates your mood and creates a sense of well-being
  4. Smiling induces more pleasure in the brain – more than chocolate!!
  5. Even a forced smile can lead to a mood boost
  6. Smiles can predict fulfillment in marriage
  7. Smiling makes you seem courteous, likable, and competent
  8. The span of a person’s smile can predict life span
  9. Smiling is contagious 🙂

Boosting Self-Confidence at Fry Orthodontics

At Fry Orthodontics, our treatment process is one that supports and builds self-confidence in our patients from start to finish. We value being honest, listening, and treating others the way they want to be treated. This means making it a point to ask the patient what they envision in their new smile. What is it that they are most excited about?

Removal Day | Where Self-Confidence Shines Through

Removal day is always the most exciting and rewarding day! There is no better feeling than getting to celebrate with our patients how far they’ve come in their orthodontic journey! Our favorite part of all is getting to share with them their before and after pictures. It’s at this appointment we get to see first hand how braces or Invisalign has changed someones life.

At Fry Orthodontics, we truly believe that your smile is just the start to great things in life, and self-confidence is just one of them. Call today to schedule your free exam for braces or Invisalign – now offered for the SAME price! 913-469-9191