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Braces | 5 Myths and Misconceptions in the Media

Posted On: February 18, 2022

When talking about braces or orthodontic treatment, there are many myths and misconceptions that can come to mind. Common beliefs stemming from movies and television shows can play a part in creating a narrative that so many people have come to believe when it comes to braces. This can lead to a fear of orthodontic treatment and stray you away from achieving that perfect smile! Here are just a few myths that have been routinely debunked:

  1. “Braces lock together while kissing”…False!

    • This is a classic myth that is next to impossible to achieve. The modern design of braces are smaller and compact enough not to entangle. The odds of this happening are extremely unlikely!
  2. “Having braces will make speech difficult”…False!

    • Although braces might take some getting used to, any challenges that you encounter will be temporary. In some cases, braces would more than likely help correct speech issues!
  3. “Braces interfere with radio signals”…False!

    • Due to the thinness of the hardware, it is impossible for braces to pick up the signal of the radio. Your braces will not interfere with the signal of any electronic device.
  4. “I can’t play sports with braces”…False!

    • You are able to enjoy your favorite sports activities as long as you wear a mouth guard. It is perfectly safe! At Fry Orthodontics, we can provide you a mouth guard at no extra cost!
  5. “Braces are extremely painful”…False!

    • It will take time to adjust to having your new braces, however a little discomfort is far from the myth that braces are painful. On days that your wires are tightened, there will be some soreness experienced. Thankfully, there are many food options to choose from that will reduce the discomfort during that time.
    • For the most part, you will forget your braces are even there! You can smile knowing this myth has been debunked and your results can be achieved with very minimal pain. Remember to wear your retainer after treatment to prevent your teeth from shifting back!


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