A mouthwash that can specifically target bad bacteria?

Posted On: June 24, 2013

Could swishing with a mouthwash everyday really prevent tooth decay? Supposedly a new mouthwash invented by a UCLA microbiologist is an effective way to destroy the Streptococcus bacteria; which is the main cause for decay. In a study, subjects that used the mouthwash just one time got rid of the harmful bacteria over a four day span. Regular mouthwashes kill both good and bad bacteria, but only for about 12 hours. This new mouthwash targets specifically the bad bacteria and can last for a longer time span. We are currently waiting for the USDA to approve for daily use. With this new technology, we may have the opportunity to wipe out tooth decay for our entire lifetime. So guys and gals, keep your eyes and ears out for the Sm STAMP C16G2 miracle mouthwash…it really could change your life!! – Lindi