5 Fun Things You Might Not Know About Beards And Mustaches

Posted On: November 11, 2014

Beards make life worth living. Wait, that’s not how that saying goes! But we have some fun facts you might know are true … but only if you are a card-carrying fabulous bearded man:

Growing a beard increases your respect.

“Both women and men thought bearded men—over six weeks of growth, with no trimming—looked older and more likely to command respect from other men. (Men’s Fitness Magazine Study)”

Facial hair deems a man more “manly”.

“Wow, that clean shaven guy looks super manly.” Said no one ever.

Beards make life more meaningful.

“With great beards, come great responsibilities.” (SpiderMan)

Beards make a man more mature.

“I just shaved. Annnnnd, I’ve rejoined puberty.”

Facial hair makes life more fun.

“This is not just a beard. It is a passport to AWESOME!”

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We’ve got more info and hair at our blog!

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