How to Prevent Concussions in Sports:

Posted on May 9, 2017

How can you reduce concussions in sports?

If you want to reduce your child’s risk of a sports related concussion you should visit a DENTIST or ORTHODONTIST instead of a sporting goods store.  High school football players who wore over the counter (OTC) mouth guards were more than twice as likely to suffer mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions than those wearing custom-made and properly fitted mouth guards.  This does not mean that your player shouldn’t wear a helmet (that is always the first line of defense in these type of injuries), but research indicates that a custom-made and properly fitted mouth guard is also essential to player safety.

Research shows that the thickness of the custom-made mouth guards might be a contributing factor to the extra protection.  Custom-made mouth guards averaged 3.50 millimeters in thickness compared to the OTC mouth guards which were only 1.65 millimeters.

Remember, if you have braces you will want to ask your orthodontist what type of mouth guard they recommend for you during your orthodontic treatment.  Normally, the fitted mouth guards are not ideal because they won’t allow for tooth movement; which is what the braces are trying to accomplish.  The goal is to keep the least amount of trauma away from your mouth while also straightening your teeth!

Some additional benefits to a custom-made mouth guard are:

  •  They should last longer than store bought models
  •   They will be more comfortable to wear

To get a custom-made mouth guard for your child, call our office at 913-469-9191.  All it takes is a quick appointment for impressions, then your star athlete will be ready get their mouth guard within just a few short weeks!    -Karen

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